We'll connect you with instant skilled help and personal assistance in your community.
You can be a helper or hire a helper at the same time. Get help fast and earn money! Our helpers are vetted and background-checked.
Our helpers provide anything from professional services to running quick errands. 


The Founder and CEO of ZypWork is a busy mother of twins, owner of multiple businesses and daughter to aging parents. She wanted to start a platform to provide people with a fast way to get help with last-minute errands, personal assistance, and even professional full-time positions.

ZypWork provides trusted and background-checked instant help. The platform offers a wide variety of skilled professionals for those hiring and an opportunity to find work and earn money.  

ZypWork values bringing people together to help each other in a friendly, kind and efficient manner. 

Where is the app available?

The app is available on IOS and Android.

How does ZypWork function?

You can request help and get connected to a helper fast. A future time slot can be scheduled as well. You can be both a person who "hires help" and is a "helper" at the same time within this app. 

How much does it cost to be a user?

Those hiring help will name the price of what they want to pay for the service. The platform will connect you with a helper who agrees on the price. There are fees associated as described below.


How can I become a monthly subscriber of ZypWork?

You subscribe and pay a monthly fee. The monthly fee waives any booking fees. 


Is it required to become a monthly subscriber to use the service?

No, you can use the services a-la-carte with a 5% booking fee each time. 

How much is the monthly membership?

$30 per month. The first month is free. This allows unlimited requests with no booking fee. 


Is there a cost to be a helper?

There is NO cost to get on-boarded into our system and become a helper. Watch this video on how to become a helper and start getting work ASAP. 

How do I become a helper?

Sign-up as a helper, using the "Become a Helper" link in the app. There is no charge, but there is a vetting system, including a background check. There may be a medical check, depending on the job you are pursuing. Watch the video for instructions. 

What kind of services does the platform provide?

See our list of skills. We're working on adding more skills (licensed and unlicensed) to our list every day!

Who can use the platform?

Anyone can join! 


Is there a fee to use the platform?


For hiring a helper: There is a booking fee of 5% for hiring a helper (this can be waived by joining as a monthly subscriber). The fee is deducted automatically for you. 


For helpers: Helpers who are hired pay a 20% fee from their earnings. This covers the job lead itself, the processing of your earnings, any disputes, overall customer service and invoicing.


For both, the numbers show on the app will already have the fees applied so you don't have to do the math. 

Can a helper work directly with the customer outside of the app?

This is highly discouraged. The app provides project insurance and protocols to ensure satisfaction for both sides of the transaction. 

How is satisfaction maintained?

The app monitor's both sides of satisfaction with guidelines. Helpers will be blocked from use if criteria is not met.

How are helpers paid?

ZypWork coordinates and takes care of all payments. 



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