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Businesses need faster service and help when it comes to hiring.

Shortages of construction people, delivery drivers, techs -- you name it. A better solution for HR leaders and corporations when it comes to hiring temporary labor or even temp-to-hire positions is needed.

“The gig economy is growing and we're seeing more companies in B2B sectors needing the same services as consumers. Instant, reliable help," Shanny, CEO and Founder of ZypWork.

That is why we created ZypWork, to help companies connect with help fast in these areas:

-Delivery Drivers/Fulfillment

-Construction Labor

-Healthcare Professionals

-Corporate Positions - Admin, Tech, Accounting, etc.

We've created a technology platform to connect people who need work with employers who need help, and quickly. Consumers are not the only ones wanting to hire people on the fly. We wanted to make this a better and more streamlined experience so we created ZypWork. Visit to connect with vetted and trusted employees, ready for work and ready for projects.

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